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ADC Finshes, Inc. - What We Do

We have extensive experience with a broad variety of project types
and have worked in all type of environments. See below to learn more about how we might help you with your next project.

Residential and Commercial

We are well rounded!  We do New Construction, Remodels, Apartments & Production Commercial Projects!

Exterior Painting

A quality paint job is important, but equally important is a pleasing color palette; one that blends harmoniously with the surrounding landscape and meets city codes.  We pay attention to color choices and have an expert colorist on staff to assist our clients.

Interior Painting

Colors can affect mood!  Styles in design and color change! ADC Finishes, Inc. stays abreast of the latest trends.  Whether traditional or modern…we will help you choose a color palette that fits your home and lifestyle.

Ongoing Maintenance

We support the ongoing maintenance of various commercial complexes, dorms and apartments which are subject to higher than average wear and tear. Being readily available is key to well-maintained properties and good working relationships with property managers and owners.

Restore Wrought Iron

The process to restore iron is painstaking, it may include grinding rust where necessary and using rust conversion primer prior to sanding and finishing coats.  Arduous as the process can be, the finished product can save expensive and beautiful ironwork and gates and preserve them for years to come.

Super quality

We consider painting an artisan process and our small yet highly skilled staff go the extra mile to make sure the job is done to our exacting standards.

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